ASG officer Allows your HOA members to truly feel safe and secure while they are home and away.  Our patrol officers can provide extra checks on HOA member’s home while they are on vacation.  Checking for both major and minor problems visible from outside the home, perhaps a broken pipe or a kicked in door.  Let us open or close common area facilities at your HOA.  We commonly open and close pool areas, clubhouses, and laundry rooms.  You can also depend on us to provide the following services.


Conduct foot and vehicle patrols

Monitor CCTV Cameras

Promptly respond to emergency situations

Peacefully enforce policies

Discourage loud noises and other nuisances

Maintain a presence to deter crime

Monitor and patrol parking areas

Make notification of suspicious vehicles

Safely approach trespassers

Prepare daily logs and incident reports

Respond to individuals and management request for assistance

Contact local police, fire and medical for emergency situations     

         Assist in any evacuation process in case of an emergency