GuardTrax System

Our new GuardTrax SYSTEM replaces the old “Touch the Button” systems that used a wand or a pen alerting you that your officers have made their rounds.


Tracking your security personnel

In order to be effective, security guards must remain in motion. For each client, America’s Best Security Services, Inc. installs GuardTrax, a customized GPS system, on your property. This allows both us and you the client to track the movement of security personnel in real time.


Benefits of GuardTrax

The greatest challenge for a security firm is being certain the guard are preforming their duties properly. With GuardTrax, we remotely track, monitor, and manage an entire security force in real time. GuardTrax also allows the security office to make reports, take audio, video, and photos and report them back in real time to our office and to your online access page.


Enhanced Performance

If for any reason the GuardTrax system detects that the device has violated the pre-configured GeoFence, or lack of activity, a supervisor is notified with the security officer’s location, and lack of activity. This allows the supervisor to respond in real time to inadequate performance, addressing issues, and take corrective action immediately, rather than after the fact, when a problem has occurred.


Increased Responsiveness


Your security officers are able to instantly mass notify multiple managers and supervisors of a situation. As a result, they are not faced with making decisions without supervisory input, and responsibility for managing problems is transferred to more experienced supervisors.