Construction Sites

Leaving you construction site unguarded is a huge risk. We highly recommend you to hire security guards to protect your site. Why? By having a live security guard on your construction site is the best way to protect your investment. Video cameras are good but sometimes it will take the local police 15-45 minutes to respond. Don’t take a chance, call us today. Our well trained guards will ensure you that your property is safe and secure at all times. We are well aware that the equipment and materials at a construction site are very expensive. We will have a highly visible presence on your site to deter any criminal activity. We offer 24-hour coverage at these sites


Here is what we do on a construction site:


- Our Officers will make daily foot patrols on and around the site

- DAR (daily activity report) is done every hour

- We use a guardtrax system that records the security guards patrol activity

- Our officers will pay detailed attention to expensive materials and equipment on the site

 - We monitor the entry/exit of all contractors